GingerNutz in Full Bloom: From Supermodel Orangutan to Style Icon and Beyond

By Michael Roberts

Foreword by Grace Coddington


6.75 x 9.25 inches
80 pages
64 color illustrations
ISBN: 9780998701875

GingerNutz used to be a normal young orangutan living in Borneo, head full of dreams about someday making it big in fashion. When a copy of Vogue magazine in a bottle washes up on shore, GingerNutz decides to make her dreams a reality by becoming the world’s first-ever orangutan supermodel.

In the third and final installment of British fashion journalist Michael Roberts’ charming series, our heroine is eager for a new fashion adventure. After years of modeling haute couture as Vogue’s cover girl, GingerNutz decides to become the one who decides what the cover girl should wear. Hand-picking garments from the latest collections and traveling the globe to direct photoshoots is exciting, but a young orangutan can only take so much of the jet-set lifestyle. Readers then join GingerNutz on her search for the perfect country cottage in which to to live out the rest of her days with some much-needed privacy—but not before she gets to enjoy one last flourish of the royal treatment.

Inspired by the life of fashion editor Grace Coddington and featuring 65 hand-drawn illustrations by Roberts, GingerNutz in Full Bloom is both a cheeky homage to the fashion icon’s storied career and a fantastical portrayal of the glitz and glam of the fashion world.

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About the Author

British fashion journalist Michael Roberts (born 1947) is fashion royalty: former fashion director for Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, he has brought his impeccable style to his work as a writer, illustrator, art director and photographer. He has published several books of his illustrations including The Snippy World of Michael Roberts and The Jungle ABC.